OIP extends its actions to sovereign online payment : Welcome to HiPay!

The Open Internet Project (OIP) is delighted to welcome HiPay, an online payment platform, as a new member! With this new membership, OIP extends its scope of intervention to a new issue, sovereign online payment.

Indeed, the diversification of OIP’s activities – thanks to the arrival of new members specializing in a variety of fields – means that it can defend European digital solutions on several fronts, especially those dominated by global players tempted to dismiss high-performance, innovative and sovereign alternative solutions, including now in the highly strategic field of payment.

HiPay is a global, multi-channel payment platform. As a regulated business, under the supervision of the Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority (ACPR), the implementation of omnichannel payments, in a large number of countries and currencies, requires strong technological expertise as well as a strict organization at the service of its merchant customers and the security and fluidity of transactions.

By exploiting the power of payment data, HiPay contributes to the growth of its merchant customers and improves their success rate by giving them a 360° view of their business, providing them with the payment methods best suited to their activity (country, customer base, etc.) and actively combating fraud and risk.

As a recognized and fast-growing FinTech, HiPay aims to keep up with the growth and changes in global commerce.

« We need to multiply our actions to keep up the pressure against monopolistic companies abusing their dominant power. OIP was created at the time of the Google Shopping affair to fight collectively against the abuse of dominant position by the American giant. Since then, it has extended its actions to the Android affair, concerns linked to the sovereign cloud, neighboring rights, fair remuneration for the media, digital advertising, precautionary measures and more. With HiPay, we're opening up a new front on sovereign online payments that respect our data, a subject that is closely linked to all the battles we're waging for a healthy competitive environment! »
says Quentin Adam
President of the OIP and CEO of Clever Cloud.
« HiPay is delighted to join the OIP and is committed to transparency and fair competition on the Internet. The dangers of the Internet related to abuse of dominant positions, fraud and data opacity can also be found in the world of payment and financial transactions. Joining the OIP is a way of defending our sovereignty and that of our merchant customers! »
says Benjamin Jayet
President de HiPay


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