Android case: European Commission fined Google 4.34 billion euros.

Fight against Google’s illegal practices regarding Android mobile devices in order to strengthen the dominant position of its search engine.

In March 2017, the OIP formally filed a complaint against Google with the European Commission for anti-competitive behavior and tied selling practices concerning its Android operating system. In the interests of an open Internet, the OIP encourages the European Commission to restore fair competition in affected Internet markets.

On July 18, 2018, the European Commission fined Google €4.34 billion, once again for violating competition in the European market and abuse of a dominant position.

The American company was accused this time of imposing illegal restrictions on Android device manufacturers and mobile network operators in order to consolidate its dominant position in the general Internet search market. In fact, the Commission, after several years of investigation, accused Google of forcing, often through financial incentives, manufacturers of smartphones using its Android operating system to pre-install its search engine and browser (Chrome) by default as a condition to the granting of the license for its online application store (Play Store).

With this behavior, Google has deterred manufacturers from pre-installing search and navigation applications other than its own, thereby reducing the ability of competitors to compete effectively.

Google has appealed this decision.



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