AT Internet (Applied Technologies Internet) is a French company created in 1996 specializing in audience measurement and performance of websites, mobiles, applications and social networks.

Based in Mérignac (France), the company also has offices in London, Munich, Singapore and employs nearly 200 people. AT Internet is the historical publisher of the XiTi measurement tool, known in the 2000s.

AT Internet’s tool, the Analytics Suite, is installed on approximately 20,000 websites and applications worldwide, and is used by more than half of the CAC 40 companies as well as major international companies.

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Created in 1993, CEPIC (Centre of the Picture Industry) is a non-profit European professional association in the field of image rights. It brings together and federates more than 400 photographic agencies and image banks in more than twenty European countries, inside and outside the European Union.

Picture Libraries and Agencies license digital asset for all kinds of commercial uses, to newspapers, magazines, advertising, broadcasters, etc. CEPIC members are continuously adaptive towards innovative technology solutions for the growth in digital enterprises and have developed sophisticated digital platforms to both market digital content online and provide digital access to images.

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Clever Cloud is a computer engineering services company (SSII) from Nantes (France), specializing mainly in cloud computing.


Clever Cloud exists for one purpose: to help people and businesses deliver software and services faster. They also focus on true sustainability to ensure that once the application is deployed, it stays up and working, no matter what happens (high traffic, security errors, DDoS, application failure, hardware issues, etc…).

From small projects to large enterprises, their goal is to provide an excellent hosting and deployment experience.

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GESTE brings together the main professional online publishers, from all walks of life (media, video, music, games and classified ads). All converge towards the same objective: to participate in the establishment of a sustainable and fair ecosystem.

Attentive to market developments and the expectations of publishers of online content and services, GESTE accompanies, with pragmatism and in an innovative spirit, reflections related to the evolution of economic models, editorial innovation, new tools technology, audience acquisition and development, distribution and multi-screen, legal and regulatory news and online advertising.

A place of exchange and reflection, GESTE has recently adopted strong positions on the neutrality of platforms, Big Data, and the taxation of the digital economy.

Today, more than a hundred member companies actively participate in the creation of economic, legislative and competitive conditions essential to the development of online publishing.

Since 2005, the GibMedia Group has been adding value to its clients’ websites. Today, it is a team of nearly 110 people working to advise its clients around 4 professions: Monetization, publishing, acquisition and customer relationship solution.

GNI (National Group of Independents) is the only totally and truly independent Professional Organization for hotels, cafes, restaurants, caterers, reception organizers and night establishments, independent and heritage.

Created in 2014 by gathering several organizations sharing the same values, GNI has regional offices throughout mainland France and overseas territories, relying on a solid network of committed volunteer professionals.

These elected members are mobilized on a daily basis to achieve the object of the organization, the promotion and the defense of the patrimonial company in CHR. The permanent staff of the organization have developed expertise in the sectors and assist the members on the subjects that are part of the daily life of the companies in the sector.

For more than 10 years, GNI has had a Digital Department specializing in discussions with major platforms and in supporting the digital transition.

With a turnover of 2.62 billion euros and 10,000 employees worldwide, Hubert Burda Media is the leading publisher of magazine publishing in Germany and one of the largest internet groups in Europe.

The main driver of growth is the development of digital activities and the internationalization of traditional business models, such as publishing and printing, which ensures stability and profitability.

Hubert Burda Media publishes nearly 91 magazines in Germany, some 310 magazines in Central and Eastern Europe (Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Romania), France, the United Kingdom, Turkey and Southeast Asia (Thailand , Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia). Investments in the digital sector include, among others, Xing AG, Zooplus AG, Cyberport, Computer universe as well as TOMORROW FOCUS AG.

Mailo is a 100% European messaging system, guaranteeing users to regain control of their data and supporting them in ethical and responsible use of the Web.

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Created in February 2013 by Jean-Manuel Rozan and Éric Leandri, this French search engine stands out from its competitors in that it ensures that it does not track its users and thus guarantees respect for their privacy.

Qwant is above all a neutral search engine since it claims not to favor any source in the display of its results while most search engines, Google first, allow certain sites to benefit, against payment, from advantage over their competitors.

Copyright management company. This non-profit society created in 1850 aims to facilitate the effective exercise of rights by authors and to promote the legal exploitation of works by centralizing their management.

It also collects and distributes the rights to 276,000 authors, composers and publishers in France and around the world.

Founded in 1999, Scaleway, the cloud of choice, helps developers and businesses to build, deploy and scale applications to any infrastructure.

Located in Paris, Amsterdam and Warsaw, Scaleway’s complete cloud ecosystem is used by 25,000+ businesses, including European startups, who choose Scaleway for its multi-AZ redundancy, smooth developer experience, carbon-neutral data centers and native tools for managing multi-cloud architectures.

With fully managed offerings for bare metal, containerization and serverless architectures, Scaleway brings choice to the world of cloud computing, offering customers the ability to choose where their customer’s data resides, to choose what architecture works best for their business, and to choose a more responsible way to scale.

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Created in 2001, Smart is a French platform for integrated premium ad serving and RTB advertising management that allows publishers to monetize all types of content, sold live or programmatically, on all digital channels, Web, mobile and Video.

Equativ is the new single name for Smart Adserver, DynAdmic and LiquidM – three recognised innovators in advertising technology. This vertically integrated company provides brand and privacy safe solutions that enable clients to achieve maximum impact while respecting consumer rights. The union of client expertise and engineering excellence allows them to serve the interests of both supply and demand with equal professionalism and technical sophistication.

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Solocal is the digital partner of all local businesses in France, whether mid-caps, VSEs, SMEs, but also large network brands or territories. Our mission: to energize local life.

We work every day to unlock the potential of all businesses by connecting them to their customers through innovative digital services. We advise 311,000 client companies present throughout France and support them to boost their activity thanks to our digital services (Relational presence with our Connect offers, Website and e-commerce sites, Digital advertising) or our Solocal Manager app to manage independently its visibility on the Internet. We are also working alongside users to provide them with the best digital experience with PagesJaunes and Ooreka. We thus provide professionals and the general public with services with very large audiences on our own media (21M VU for PagesJaunes), our geolocated data, our evolving technological platforms, our unique commercial coverage in France, our privileged partnerships with digital players and our talents in data, development and digital marketing. Solocal is also labeled Digital Ad Trust.

Since 2009, Visual Meta GmbH has been operating multiple shopping platforms across Europe under the Ladenzeile and ShopAlike brands.

On its sites, Visual Meta offers products from thousands of online sellers, focused on fashion, decoration and the art of living. The search engine allows users to find the desired products quickly and compare them.

Visual Meta offers its services in 16 countries and works with 6,000 partners, ranging from Amazon and Zalando to manufacturers like Esprit.

Based in Berlin, Visual Meta, a subsidiary of Axel Springer, employs some 140 people.

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For over 20 years, OVHcloud has been designing and building its own servers and data centers – using the latest and most innovative technology components – and maintaining its own global fiber network.

As a key actor in the European cloud, we provide public and private cloud solutions, shared hosting and dedicated servers in 140 countries around the world. We also offer our customers domain name registration, telecom services and Internet access. Created in 1999, OVHcloud is a French company with a worldwide presence, thanks to the international location of its datacenters and points of presence.

Cloud Temple was founded in 2017 with the mission to put security and sovereignty in the heart of the information system of industrial and public players.

Its positioning? To support large French companies in their transition to the public cloud. Faced with this challenge, Cloud Temple begins by analysing its customers’ workloads in order to define the most suitable cloud infrastructure.

A secure cloud based on a redundant infrastructure spread over three data centres, all based in France.

Whaller is a collaborative platform that brings together all the tools needed to exchange and communicate securely on a single platform.

Created in 2014, Whaller is a social network that gives the user back the power and control over their confidential data. The user can create several distinct networks (business, friends, family, sports club, association etc.). Information shared on each network remains on that particular network, and is not visible to non-members.

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