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The Open Internet Project website has been revamped to allow Europeans to easily follow the news and actions adapted by the association.

Nouveau site OIP

The main mission of the Open Internet Project is to defend healthy competition in the European digital market. It is therefore within the framework of this mission that it is essential for the association to reinforce information to professionals in the sector, public authorities, or even individuals, on all the useful news concerning the situation of competition. in the European digital market.

The Open Internet Project is also an action association. Highlighting our vision and missions carried out by the association and its members allows European companies in the digital market to understand that they are not condemned to fight alone against abuses of a dominant position, or any other attack on fair competition on the market. the European digital market.

Open Internet Project works alongside innovative digital players who encounter problems of unfair competition in the European digital market. We see every day that the American Internet giants, the GAFAMs, do not respect our rules of the game, and abuse their dominant position in order to promote their own offers to the detriment of French and European players.

Whether it concerns the protection of personal data, digital sovereignty, competition on the merits of innovation, rules prevailing over the cloud, principles of privacy, respect for our laws, our institutions , our values, the fair distribution of value and the fair remuneration of creation and content, ..., Open Internet Project positions itself alongside European digital entrepreneurs to contribute to an open and ethical digital environment. , whose innovative and high-performance offers and solutions not only bring added value to European consumers, but also to the benefit of States, companies and citizens who all over the world value an open digital environment.

Léonidas Kalogeropoulos, OIP General Delegate

The new site of the Open Internet Project will soon be accessible in English and German in order to raise awareness among the widest possible audience on the challenges of competition in the European digital market.

It is also possible to follow the Open Internet Project on Twitter  and LinkedIn.

The members of the Open Internet Project are: AT Internet, CEPIC, Clever Cloud, GESTE, GibMedia Group, GNI, Hubert Burda Media, Mailo, Qwant, Sacem, Smart AdServer, Solocal Group (formerly Pages Jaunes Groupe) , Visual Meta GmbH and Whaller (find out more our members).

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Léonidas Kalogeropoulos, General Delegate : +33607315126 –  l.k@openinternetproject.eu

Anaïs Strauss, Adviser :+33757503010 – anais.strauss@openinternetproject.eu

26, rue de l’Université • 75007 Paris
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