Welcome to OVHcloud!

The European association Open Internet Project (OIP) is very pleased to announce the membership of OVHcloud!

With this new member, OIP looks forward to continue to work on competitive issues related to the cloud marker. Indeed, OVHcloud, Scaleway and Clever Cloud three emblematic and major players of the French cloud, committed to digital sovereignty and respect for market ruleswish to bring their expertise and share their visions of a competitive and fair European cloud market, and thus support the actions of OIP which aim to fight against any abuse of dominant position on tech markets.

OVHcloud is a global player and the European leader in the Cloud, operating more than 400,000 servers in 33 datacenters located on 4 different continents. Based on a unique integrated model, the group manages its entire value chain to deploy a more environmentally friendly cloud. This unique approach allows the company to innovate continuously to independently cover all the uses of its 1.6 million customers around the world. OVHcloudoffers the latest solutions that combine performance, price predictability and complete sovereignty over their data to support their growth in complete freedom.

« I am very pleased that OVHcloud has joined the OIP! We had the objective to expand the OIP in the coming months, and the two recent memberships of Scaleway and OVHcloud are emblematic of our ambitions and objectives: to become an even more powerful association in the service of healthy and fair competition in the European digital market! As CEO of Clever Cloud, it has never seemed so important and crucial to me to combine the strengths of the "fair play" players, in order to truly influence the future decisions that will have to be taken by our Governments in order to favor innovative, competitive European players, always at the service of their customers! »
says Quentin Adam
CEO de Clever Cloud and Président of OIP
« OVHcloud has always placed the collective at the heart of its approach. Thanks to a strong ecosystem of partners, we have the ambition to promote an innovative, sustainable and efficient technology that respects our European values. By joining the Open Internet Project, we are even more committed to promoting and defending in Paris and Brussels the conditions for a dynamic and fair cloud market for all players in our industry and for the benefit of our users' freedom of choice »
adds Michel Paulin
CEO of OVHcloud

All OIP members welcome OVHcloud and look forward to working together to pursue their common goals!


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