OIP continues to expand: Welcome to Jamespot!

The Open Internet Project (OIP) is pleased to announce the membership of Jamespot ! 

Jamespot is a French startup that develops a complete internal communication and collaboration platform, expanding the list of OIP members that develop and host their digital solutions in Europe.

The European ecosystem of efficient and sovereign digital solutions continues to grow, which is an excellent signal not only for consumers, who benefit of innovative solutions, but also for public authorities, who are increasingly concerned with the issue of digital and technological sovereignty. Like many other OIP members, Jamespot faces a challenging competitive environment with abuse of dominant positions, which the association is committed to fight.

Jamespot is a provider of internal communication and collaboration solutions in the cloud. The Jamespot solution is an intranet, an internal social network or a digital workplace, according to the organizations that deploy it. It answers to all the needs and business challenges of its customers thanks to the modularity of its platform and its app store. In 2021, Jamespot has grouped its applications to compose 4 complete product suites: Open Agora – the internal social network, Fast Intranet – the communication intranet, Diapazone – meeting facilitation and WeDoc – online sovereign office automation. Jamespot supports the daily life of more than 400 organizations and 400,000 users around the world.

"There are more and more of us in the IOP, fighting for a competitive and fair digital environment. This is a key battle, and I am delighted that Jamespot has joined our movement and shares our values and ambitions! It is imperative that we join our forces, in order to raise the voice of the French tech ecosystem! I am amazed by the performance of the solutions developed in France; it is fundamental to promote them in order to become more and more independent from American solutions, developed by tech giants that do not respect our values or our laws!"
underlines Quentin Adam
CEO of Clever Cloud and President of the OIP
"Joining OIP for Jamespot is to consolidate this increasingly connected ecosystem of European solutions that are growing with ambition, in complete independence and with respect for the values that made Europe. The Internet is one of the most beautiful human achievements in the technological field. We must protect the values that make it up, including the values of openness and justice,"
say Alain Garnier,
President of Jamespot

All the members of the OIP welcome Jamespot!


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