"Google's digital advertising practices represent a systematic plundering of traditional media"

The European association Open Internet Project (OIP) recognises in the proceedings initiated by the US Department of Justice against Google Alphabet, the questioning of systemic practices that the ADLC already had the opportunity to condemn in the amount to 220 million euros in 2021.

According to the American press, the antitrust proceedings initiated by the Department of Justice could result in a recommendation to dismantle Google and its head company Alphabet. The Open Internet Project has long been convinced that the concentration in Google’s hands of the dominant activities of publishing service platforms (such as e-mail or video), advertising services, publishing the web browser, search engine, mobile operating system or distributing mobile applications can only lead Google to abuse this confusion, to the detriment of free and undistorted competition.

This is illustrated by the large number of condemnations of Google. The OIP therefore believes that a dismantling of the Alphabet group and a splitting of Google’s activities into several legally, economically and technologically independent entities would be an effective and necessary solution, provided that such a dismantling is accompanied by the implementation of “algorithmic remedies”, i.e. remedies prohibiting the new entities resulting from the dismantling from using algorithms allowing them to combine their data on a large scale.

Besides Google’s competitors in digital advertising, the victims of these practices are the traditional media, which see the fair revenues to which they are entitled in the digital advertising market slip away in the opacity of billions of second transactions.

While the media and “pure players” represent 25% of the audience share on the Internet, they hardly represent 10 to 15% of the digital advertising market share, which means a loss of 800 million to 1 billion euros per year for the media that sustain culture and democracy in France.
« Getting back these phenomenal resources to ensure the financing of the media that keep the news alive is a decisive issue for the upcoming Estates General on the right to information called for by the President of the Republic and announced by the Minister of Culture. It is time to put an end to the systematic plundering of the digital advertising market by Google for its own benefit »
says Léonidas Kalogeropoulos
Delegate general


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