OIP welcomes the adoption of the DMA, a crucial step towards the regulation of Tech giants !

Open Internet Project (OIP), a European association of organizations and European digital industrialists, welcomes the agreement reached by the trialogue on Thursday 24 March 2022 on the Digital Markets Act (DMA) regulation.

OIP welcomes the agreement reached by the trilogue on Thursday March 24, 2022 on the DMA regulation, and notes with satisfaction that the legislation relating to digital markets in Europe will finally enter a new era.

« The DMA agreement is a significant step forward, which we welcome. Thanks to this new regulation, the European rules governing GAFAM will be much stricter, in particular with the recognition of the notion of gatekeeper, and will allow European alternative solutions – often the very first victims of anti-competitive practices – to develop under more favorable conditions ! »
emphasizes Leonidas Kalogeropoulos
OIP General Delegate

While the European digital market is dominated by a few monopolistic players, the DMA is the promise of more dynamic, open and healthy competition, which should allow innovative digital companies to develop under fairer conditions.

The DMA specifically targets gatekeepers, i.e. “gatekeepers”. As a reminder, these are digital companies in a dominant position and which control in particular the access of their users to the services of third-party companies. Recognizing their key position is key to being able to regulate them as such.

Gatekeepers indeed act as market regulators, they often impose barriers to entry, and ignore our existing European laws. OIP is particularly pleased that the entry into force of the DMA can make it possible to make, in the event of abuse, the sanctions against these gatekeepers more restrictive and dissuasive than before.

However, OIP stresses that there are still points of vigilance, in particular on the speed of application of the text as well as the use of precautionary measures. The final wording (article 22) does not seem to have taken into account the amendments of Parliament, aimed at making the standards for the application of precautionary measures better suited to their effective use. OIP recalls in this respect that the success of the DMA will necessarily depend on the ability of the European authorities to enforce it within short deadlines and, if necessary, with dissuasive sanctions.


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