The OIP is very pleased to announce the membership of Cloud Temple!

The European association Open Internet Project (OIP) is pleased to announce the membership of Cloud Temple.

Last year, the association succeeded in unifying many French and European cloud players, with the common objective of bringing together all the companies that represent the cloud value chain in France and Europe. Cloud Temple’s membership is an additional step within the OIP, which the members are delighted about.

For nearly 20 years, Cloud Temple’s mission has been to guarantee digital confidence by placing security and sovereignty in the centre of the information systems of industrial and public players. To achieve this, Cloud Temple provides long-term support for the digital transformation of its customers, and provides them a cloud environment that meets the highest standards of security and sovereignty. Its sovereign cloud platform is SecNumCloud qualified and HDS certified.

« We are delighted to see that the cloud ecosystem is coming together within the OIP, and I am very happy to have Cloud Temple among us! The sovereign cloud is in the process of becoming more structured in France, which is why the OIP's objective is to enable players in the sector to define their strategic priorities, by providing expertise and expert knowledge on a wide variety of anti-competitive issues and practices, which we denounce along with the other OIP members. The Cloud market is a strategic market; France has a high level of expertise, and it is imperative to fight to ensure that the market is not preempted by American players, in particular with practices that are similar to dumping! »
underlines Quentin Adam
President of the OIP
«In an uncertain geopolitical and economic context, the sovereignty of digital infrastructures is a key issue for public authorities and companies alike. It is a condition for the strategic autonomy of the French economy, and the first line of defence against the rise of cyber threats. This is why we are convinced that it is important to build the trusted digital ecosystem, to move forward in a synchronised manner and accelerate the reindustrialisation of the sector. By joining the OIP, Cloud Temple is strengthening its ability to contribute to the great edifice of French economic and industrial sovereignty »
says Sébastien Lescop
Director General of Cloud Temple


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