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The European Parliament adopts the Digital Markets Act (DMA) regulation by 642 votes against 8

The European Parliament adopts the Digital Markets Act (DMA) regulation by 642 votes against 8.

The OIP welcomes the adoption of the DMA, which sends a clear message to the internet giants: if they do not respect our rules, the European Commission can at any time stop the abusive practices thanks to the precautionary measures.

Adoption DMA

The European association Open Internet Project (OIP) welcomes the adoption of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) regulation last night by the European Parliament, by 642 votes to 8.

It is the adoption of a historic text that sends a clear message: in Europe, it is the legislator who imposes the rules, and not the internet giants.

In this regard, Article 22 on provisional measures is of major importance.

Only precautionary measures make it possible to interrupt abusive behavior and actions by Internet giants within a few months, quickly and effectively, to ensure that competition can develop under fair and equitable conditions by preventing procedures drag on for years. By replacing the terms “irreparable damage” with “immediate damage”, the European Parliament finally makes the use of precautionary measures applicable, and the European Commission will finally be able to pronounce them in the event of a serious and immediate risk weighing on competition.

The OIP sends its congratulations to Dr. Andreas Schwab, rapporteur of the text for the IMCO Commission, who fought for the text to be modified in this way and hopes that the Trialogue will validate the provisions relating to precautionary measures.

→ To learn more about the Digital Markets Act, click here.


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